14th Graduation

This is to inform all candidates who qualified for conferment of Degrees and Award of Diplomas & certificates of Busitema University that the University will be celebrating its 13th Graduation ceremony on Thursday 28th March 2024 starting at 10:00 a.m, at the Gymnasium, Busitema Campus in Busia District. Information regarding preparations for this virtual function is as follows;

  • List of Graduands
    The list of provisional Graduands is available on the University Website (
    • All the graduands are expected to check the order and accuracy of their names. The names MUST be in the order in which they shall APPEAR in the Final certificates and should be the ones in Previous Certificates and admission letter.
    • Any corrections/ omissions should be reported to the respective Faculty Registrars
  • Graduation ceremony
    All Graduands are invited to attend with two parents/ guardians and Graduands shall be expected to have taken their seats by 8.00am .Graduation booklets will be distributed at the venue.
  • All Graduands shall be required to pay Graduation fees of UGX 200,000 Plus bank charges, in two separate payments as indicated below; A- GENERAL COLLECTION ACCOUNT- 170,000/= (One hundred seventy thousand shillings only) using the mode below;

    STEP 1 Using a web browser e.g Mozilla, Internet explorer on Google chrome; type on the address bar to access a platform which enables you generate a Zeepay Reference Number
    STEP 2 Fill in the form with the following details: Full Name, E-mail address and Telephone Number
    STEP 3 Click on the BLUE button to continue
    STEP 4 Select an appropriate fee (as per the advert) on the fees Menu by checking a box on the left hand side.
    STEP 5 Click on the continue button at the right hand bottom corner to generate a 13 digit reference number
    STEP 6 Proceed to any bank of your choice and present the reference generated to effect your payment
    STEP 7 For any clarifications, please contact the Accounts staff in any of our campuses and for those in Kampala visit our Liaison office at Makerere University Lincoln Flats, Rooms A2

    B- BUSITEMA UNIVERSITY CONVOCATION ACCOUNT- 30,000/= (Thirty Thousand shillings). This payment has to be made on;
    Bank- Centenary Bank
    Name- Busitema University Convocation Account
    Account Number- 3100049057
    Branch- Tororo
  • Graduands are expected to pick their invitation cards at the office of the Academic Registrar from Monday 12th June 2023 upon presentation of the following;
    • Proof of payment of Graduation and Convocation fees
    • Proof of payment for Graduation gown
    • Fully endorsed clearance form
    • Financial Statement from Finance department
  • For security reasons, the following items are prohibited from the Graduation Ceremony:
    1. Mobile Phones
    2. Weapons/ Firearms
    3. Cameras
    4. Cells/ Batteries/ Chemicals
    5. Alcohol
    6. Canned Food and drinks
    7. Pocket Radios
    8. Large Bags
    9. Bottled Drinks

FOR INQUIRIES, please contact the Office of the Academic Registrar on Cell phone 0774682635/ 0702391064 Or Email: